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red snapper
Welcome to Oceanwide Seafood

As from 1st January 2019 Unique Seafood Pelagic Ltd has aquired the assets and trade of Oceanwide Seafood Ltd.


Business will carry on as usual but will transfer over to Unique Seafood Pelagic Ltd.

Freddy Darnell will continue to manage the Grimsby office, contact details:

Tel: +44 (0)1472 250061
Mob: +44 (0)7753 638185

Paul Darnell will retire from the business.

Please visit for full details about Unique Seafood Ltd.

Thank you.

Our Products in brief:

Red Snapper Fillets, Red Mullet Fillets, Black Tilapia, Parrotfish, Squid & Cuttlefish, Prawns, Tuna, Hake, Redfish.

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Seafood Products
  • UK importers of frozen exotic fish and seafood
  • Stockists of frozen fillets, portions, whole fish and Cephalopods
  • Specialists in Red Snapper fillets and Red Mullet fillets
  • Trade suppliers to Food Service, Wholesale, Cash & Carry, Ship’s Stores and Inland Markets
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  • Red Mullet Fillets with Chickpea Puree
  • Red Snapper Fillets with Charmoula